Radio Shack

jwsmobile jws at
Fri Feb 6 13:43:42 CST 2015

On 2/6/2015 11:23 AM, Marc Verdiell wrote:
> They completely missed the Maker movement, the computer mod stuff, the
> switch to the web.
All of the stores I've visited have a lot of arduino and other kit. I 
would say they have as much as a brick and mortar store can have.

With the financial distress they've been in they don't seem to have 
forced the pricing that other distributors have, but they do have all of 
it, and there are (were) 4 stores within 2 or so mile of my house which 
have arduino's, raspberry pi and other things on the hook.

They probably were not getting into the maker groups because they didn't 
advertise.  The maker people are not those who have been doing much 
going to Radio Shack for anything, and if RS had any presence there, I 
didn't see it.  I only discovered the stocking of some kits when i went 
to clean out my inventory of gift cards, and other such at the end of 
last year with the pending bankruptcy filing.

Also Microcenter has a lot of the same, though their stock seems 
spotty.  I can buy things one week then sometimes it is 2 or 3 till I 
see something again.

Now if they would just stock PDP8/A systems life would be complete.


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