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> Never, ever select an "open" box.  You can tell because they put stickers on it.  It's an item
> that someone else purchased and returned.  

I actually do that all the time, often with motherboards. Many times it’s the only way to get the model with the features I want. I’ve never had a problem. 

My favorite was one time they had two shopping carts full of RC helicopters that had all been returned. Someone at the store had taken the time to go through each one and identify the problem. Most weren’t that much cheaper than a new one, but one mini helicopter was $30 off, making it only $10. The box said the controller didn’t work. For 10 bucks I figured why not. Got it open and the black lead had been pulled off the battery terminal (because of a bad design with the pull out cord for charging the helicopter). Soldered it back on and the helicopter has worked great ever since, even after lots of crashes!

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