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Tim Thompson tiggerlasv at
Fri Feb 6 15:52:30 CST 2015

On Fri Feb  6 15:09:42 CST 2015, geneb     geneb at wrote:
> They're in Renton, WA as well.  Now if they'd just keep the parts pegs  filled...

Yeah, that's been on ongoing issue for Fry's at all of their locations.

I've been to Fry's in San Diego, Las Vegas, both Phoenix locations,
Wilsonville, and of course the one closest to me in Renton.

Great place if you need PC components; they have a lot of odd/unusual items
that you might ordinarily only find on-line, or at PC swap-meets.

You'll find some killer deals there as well.   Several years ago,
they were clearing out some 18-gig SCSI Cheetahs.
I picked up 4 of them for $20 each.

However, as mentioned by Gene, they are frequently out-of-stock
on a lot of their electronic components. . . whether it is an obscure item
or commonly-used components. I can never rely on finding
the right value cap or resistor on their shelf.

Another quirk that they have is product placement and pricing.

You might find an audio adapter or cable by one manufacturer
in the components section at one price, and in the audio section
by a different manufacturer, at a significantly different price.

I've also noticed that (at least in Renton) that their selection of generic cables
has decreased, in favor of expensive brands like Monster or Belkin.

Nowadays, I don't even mess with Fry's for A/V or computer cables -- I go straight to


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