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> > > [Maplin's] on line store is still good for some hard to get
> >
> > That's not really been my experience, except that they have relatively
> > poor turn-over of components to the point it's almost a source of NOS
> parts.
> Maplin are often known as 'Craplin' by my friends....
> 25 years ago they had a reasonable range of components, and had most in
> stock in the shops. They were very useful for 'emergency' supplies -- to
> extent that when I was in Bristol there was a common question in the lab
> 'Anyone going to Craplin today, if so can you get me a couple of 555
> or whatever.
> Now they have a few components, but worse, a lot of the interesting lines
> are 'web only' and can't be ordered or supplied in shops. This means
> them is as big a hassle as doing an RS or Farnell order, where a much
> range is available.

You can pick them up at the store using "click and collect"...

> > > We do have Farnell, CPC and RS components, They are mail order only
> > > but have huge number of different stock lines.
> >
> > RS have a few trade counters dotted around the country. The most
> > convenient one for Londoners is probably the one in the industrial
> > estate to the west of the former Olympic site. The River Lea makes
> > public transport and pedestrian access a bit of a chore though. (I
> > used to go over that way by bike.)
> When I was in SW London, the local-ish RS trade counter was called
> 'Heathrow'. It gave its address as Hounslow and is actually in Feltham (go
> figure). But I had several orders delivered there for me to collect with
> problems at all.
> Now I am in SE London, getting there would be a bit harder. I must try the
> London one.. Not sure how I would get there, but I will work it out.
> I can remember when Edgware road was lined with electronics shops on
> both sides, new and surplus components. In the early 1980s you could get
> anything from valves to microprocessors there. And then of course there
> was Proops in Tottenham Court Road for interesting surplus stuff. All gone
> -tony

Increasingly even Farnell and RS have limited local stocks of parts. Even
simple components from RS are often only available the following day. I much
prefer to collect from trade counter or the store as then I don't need to be
in when the mail man comes.  However I see that E-Bay offers a similar
service, where you can pick up items at a local "Argos" store.... (A
catalogue store)...


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