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tony duell ard at
Sat Feb 7 00:29:20 CST 2015


> > Now they have a few components, but worse, a lot of the interesting lines
> > are 'web only' and can't be ordered or supplied in shops. This means
> > ordering
> > them is as big a hassle as doing an RS or Farnell order, where a much
> > better
> > range is available.
> You can pick them up at the store using "click and collect"...

Can you? I am sure I've found items for which you can't 'click and collect'
and none of the shops I tried in London could order them for me to collect
in that shop.

Looks like they may have fixed that though.

[RS Trade Counter]

> Increasingly even Farnell and RS have limited local stocks of parts. Even
> simple components from RS are often only available the following day. I much
> prefer to collect from trade counter or the store as then I don't need to be

Ditto. I hate waiting around for parcels that may not come...

Have the RS stuff at the trade counter next day is effectively next day
delivery without paying for it and without the hassle of waiting for the
parcel. I would prefer to just pop into a shop for my components, but....

> in when the mail man comes.  However I see that E-Bay offers a similar
> service, where you can pick up items at a local "Argos" store.... (A
> catalogue store)...

Not for everything surely? I wasn't given that option when buying some
old telephones (another of my interests) from the States.


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