Magnetic tape filesystem

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Feb 9 05:51:42 CST 2015

On Sun, Feb 08, 2015 at 07:50:54PM -0600, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Wasn't there at least one which used good ol' VHS video tape as the storage
> medium? And by good, I mean bad.

For the Amiga, there was the "Video Backup System":

It was an "ingenious" hack in that it generated a monochrome video signal that
was a valid(-ish) serial stream could be hard-clipped and fed back in through
the serial port. I've never seen it work successfully though.

In a similar vein of misusing the interpretation of signals to produce cute
effects, I offer this which I discovered last night:

Now, there are a number of vector demos which run on oscilloscopes in X-Y mode,
but that one is a bit more special than most in that it's not just some
beam-drawing plus some random music, but a reasonable chiptune that can *also*
be fed into a scope to do vector graphics.

Non-compressed audio can be downloaded from here:

... although I couldn't discern any real difference on my scope between that
and the Vorbis-compressed audio in the Youtube video.

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