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> I am not sure what triggers e.g. that the PDP-8s and PDP-11s are so
> popular and many people interested in them (I guess 50% of all mails
> in this list are somehow related to these) where HPs, Novas, Rolms,
> Burroughs, Elliotts, ICTs etc. receive only very little attention.
> Maybe the reason is that the PDPs are easily available?

Since DEC/Digital was the second-largest computer manufacturer in the
world in the heyday of minis and mainframes, it's not surprising that
their products are still more readily available than others'.  For the
same reason, more people are familiar (to one extent or another) with
them.  The insanely high prices are because most people don't realize
that they really are common, and pay accordingly.

What's really interesting is that the products from the largest are so
much more difficult to find, due to the business model of leasing with
massive service attached vs. selling with massive documentation.


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