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Jon Elson elson at
Mon Feb 9 23:21:30 CST 2015

Forgive me if I missed earlier discussion, but has anybody 
seen the
Imitation Game movie, ostensibly about Alan Turing?

There certainly were some real howlers in there, like the 
bit where Turing
single handedly decides what info they would share with the 
government, so as not to alert the Nazis that the Enigma 
code was

Also, there is only one instance of the Bombe, while it is 
pretty well
known they had a set of 350 of them at Ft. Meade running 24 
a day.  And those were the NCR Bombes, running at 1800 RPM, 
of the one in the movie going clunk-clunk-clunk.  Some other 
seem to indicate there were another 350 Bombes at Bletchley.
It only makes sense for there to be a big array of NCR 
Bombes, not
the slow British-built ones, but
with all the ships being sunk, how could they be sure such a 
could make it across the Atlantic?  These things were 
critical national
resources, so I just can't image the US shipped a batch of 
them to
Britain.  (Also, there is the security issue of how to keep 
prying eyes
off the Bombes while being shipped.)

Also, they have Turing building the Bombe with his own 
hands. Various
descriptions have hundreds of people at Bletchley wiring the 
rotors and
doing much of the other work.  The Bombe parts must have 
been made
in machine shops across England.

At the end of the movie, they sort of imply by a confusing 
flashback that
Turing tells the whole story of the code cracking work at 
Bletchley to
the police officer.  It is well documented that he never 
revealed anything
to anybody about what he did there.

Any comments?


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