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> On 02/10/2015 09:23 AM, Jon Elson wrote:
> > misconceptions and misinformation out there.
> > OK, my only comment to that is the stuff that says "Turing was THE
> > father of the computer, period, full stop."
> > Note the singular.
> >
> > What about Charles Babbage and (Augusta) Ada Byron?  How can you leave
> > them out?
> How about John Antansaoff?  From Wikip, to refresh your memory:
> "John Vincent Atanasoff (October 4, 1903 – June 15, 1995) was an American
> physicist and inventor, best known for inventing the first electronic digital
> computer."
> --Chuck

Just because Turing didn't build a computer doesn't mean he wasn't the father of computing. The work he did defined both what a computer is, and allowed us to divide problems into those which can be solved on a computer, and those where   the computer can guess the answer enough times that it will eventually get it right. 

Dave Wade

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