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Pete Turnbull pete at
Tue Feb 10 12:19:59 CST 2015

On 10/02/2015 17:18, Jon Elson wrote:
> The US has just recently allowed declassifying what NCR did to build a
> higher speed Bombe (they give FULL credit to the Brits and Turing for
> the design of the Bombe and the methods used to crack Enigma start
> positions), and the massive operation for bulk cracking and decoding of
> the full Enigma traffic.  This was apparently done at Ft. Meade in
> Maryland.

No, it wasn't.  For a short while, the first two were operated at NCR in 
Dayton where they were built, for testing and training but transferred 
to Washington.  At the time, Fort Meade was a PoW camp.  It had nothing 
to do with cryptography until well after the war.


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