RadioShack Store Closure List

Sean Caron scaron at
Tue Feb 10 10:20:44 CST 2015

Although there are many closing in the greater Metro Detroit area,
actually, much to my surprise, only one in four stores is closing in my
more immediate locality here in Washtenaw County. It's not clear if the
three remaining are franchised stores, or if they are ones that will be
converted to cell phone stores.



On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Jim Brain <brain at> wrote:

> On 2/9/2015 5:50 PM, Sean Caron wrote:
>> I read somewhere that some number of them would remain open (assumedly
>> under some rebranded guise) as Sprint Stores but I'm not sure if any will
>> remain under the Radio Shack banner selling components and the like.
> I envy you in the locations with closing stores.  Ours appears to be a
> keeper, so no deals...
> I know, that sounds horrid, but I shed my tear for RS back in the early
> 90's when the sales critter didn't know what a 36 pin ribbon cable or IDC
> Centronics 36 connector (parport) was (they had both), but was all too
> eager to sell me some batteries.
> Jim

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