Can anyone identify this tool?

Evan Linwood evan.linwood at
Tue Feb 10 18:00:23 CST 2015

Hi Cindy,
This looks like the head end of the handpiece of a dental video imaging
Usually these are used in disposal sheaths which are thrown away after each
use, and in other cases where the head end optics are detachable from the
handgrip containing the CCD (as looks to be the case here) the dentist may
sterilise this in an autoclave between uses (allowing use without sheaths,
problem being that the prism optics will degrade over time).
I'm sure we all have 'fond' memories of being on the end of one of these at
various times.
I used to develop a software product in the dental industry (very
entertaining days), and that unit does look familiar but I can't remember
the name of the manufacturer.
I have a small stack of similar (old) units in the garage, I keep telling
myself I should get one out and check my own teeth..
Cheers Evan

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I picked it up, new, at the recycler, thinking it was a drill bit, but it is
not. It is 13 cm long, and has a light or lens of some sort at the small
end. The large end is about 3/4". It appears to be made of stainless steel.
Engraved on it is QD90-6722. I added another pic, showing the larger end.
There is a lens of some sort inside, and light shines through to the lens at
the smaller end.


Cindy Croxton


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