RadioShack Store Closure List

TeoZ teoz at
Tue Feb 10 19:49:21 CST 2015

They could have overseas stores under a different corporation setup, kind of 
like how Commodore had a US and UK branch. Its not like RS actually makes 
anything they just resell other companies stuff so a franchise store might 
still be able to buy and stock the same stuff. Even the Sprint owned stores 
have to be stocking some RS products since they are not taking over the 
whole storefront.

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I wrote:
> If I understand things correctly, the ones on the closure list are the
> ones that aren't being sold to Sprint.

TeoZ <teoz at> wrote:
> Were all the stores corporate owned?

All of the stores on that closure list, and all of the ones being sold
to Sprint, are corporate owned.  There are also franchise stores, and
the bankruptcy doesn't directly affect those. However, if this kills
off Radio Shack corporation, then obviously the franchises will lose
also.  It's hard for me to envision Radio Shack corporation being able
to maintain the supply chain for just the franchises without some
really major changes, which would likely make them even less relevant
than they are now. 

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