Crowdfunding for history book

Evan Koblentz evan at
Tue Feb 10 23:35:23 CST 2015

Hello cctalk'ers,

Hopefully this message won't offend anyone --- I recognize that I might, 
and I apologize in advance if it does.

As many of you know, I've been in the vintage computing hobby for about 
a decade. The first person I met was Sellam Ismail. He helped guide me 
as a newb collector of handheld/pocket computers.

Somehow that led to me co-founding MARCH, publishing a 1,000-subscriber 
newsletter for a few years, rescuing a mainframe here and there, making 
the VCF East into a premier event, and becoming a "talking head" 
everywhere from BBC Radio to the Wall Street Journal. (My personal site 
is if you really want to know more ... bring popcorn.)

Now I'm asking for some personal help from the community.

I'm trying something radical: crowd funding, so that I can finally 
finish the decade-long project of writing my book about the history of 
mobile computing.

You can imagine how frustrated I feel when telling my family "I'm in the 
The Wall Street Journal!" but that I'm also dangerously under-employed 
(having been spit out of the technical journalism field after 16 years). 
It does not compute.

Please visit this link for more information:

Thank you,
- Evan

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