Crowdfunding for history book

Christian Liendo christian_liendo at
Wed Feb 11 11:45:24 CST 2015

> Sure it computes.  Vintage computing currently is just hobby-worthy
> and your little Man-On-Street quotes appearing here and there are 
> hardly income worthy.  Your experience compared to the Real Guys on
> this list (of which I don't qualify to rank as either) barely qualifies 
> you as anything, much less a "talking head" for vintage computing. 
> You're a talking head for MARCH.  That's it. 

So I have read a number of books about vintage computers and the companies behind them and they are not written by people who have a passion for the subject and thus take the time out to write about it. Yes Evan is the talking head for MARCH, but he knows many of the "real guys" and he communicates with them. So here is a person who is passionate and has access to people to help him get the correct info on the subject.

> Why should people PAY you to write a book? 

Because otherwise it may never be written. Who else will do it?

> Only established authors with some kind of track record get an advance from their publishers.

Actually, I have seen a number of other crowd sourced books on vintage computing.

Not interested? Don't donate. But at least be a more civil about it. 

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