Looking for DEC FlipChips - M100, M102, M633

Jack Rubin j at ckrubin.us
Sat Feb 14 15:21:41 CST 2015

I've recently acquired a TC08 controller to interface a set of TU55 drives to my PDP-8/I. My 8/I has the earlier Negibus I/O configuration and the simplest (at least in terms of number of cards required) solution for interfacing is to convert the Posibus TC08 to a Negibus TC08N. This requires swapping out a few positive logic interface cards for the corresponding negative logic equivalents. I'm looking for the following cards and quantities:

M100 - qty 3
M102 - qty 2
M633 - qty 4

Please let me know off-list if you have any of these items available for sale or swap. 

If you do have an M102 but don't want to get rid of it, I'd be very happy just to have clear photos of the card, front and back. Vince Slyngstad has already prepared Eagle layouts of the M100 and M633 but lacks adequate info to recreate the M102.


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