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Tue Feb 17 08:46:47 CST 2015

On Tue, 17 Feb 2015, JP Hindin wrote:

> How did people set up multi-node BBS' back in the day?
> I know you could run something like Desqview and run multiple copies on a
> single system, and some BBS' (like TBBS) had built-in multitasking so it
> handled multiple modems. And, of course, you could get fancy and run a
> Novell network. Were there other ways of doing this?

    Yes, on a real multi-tasking OS.  A friend of mine and I ran a 
home-grown BBS on a Tandy 6000HD running Xenix for a couple of years 
starting in 1986 in Sumner, WA.  Four 1200bps modems plus the console 
allowed 5 of us to be on at the same time.  It was primarily a message 
system (room-based), with a real-time chat facility.

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