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>> I wouldn't wish a COBOL career on my worst enemy.  What a god-awful mess.

> I concur.  In 1978 or so, when I was new to BASIC (and still in Jr High), my
> mother got me a book on COBOL
> in the hopes, I think, of inspiring me on a career path.  I'd written a few
> dozen working programs in BASIC and typed in many more at that point.  What I
> read horrified me.  How could anything be that mind-crushingly verbose?
> Pages and pages of form and very little function.  Fortunately for me, long
> before college, I fell into paying work in microcomputers, then as I started
> college, minicomputers.  I did take a FORTRAN course my first quarter at
> University (my one and only!) and I did learn FORTRAN before C, but I don't
> think I was irreparably damaged by my early efforts.

As late as 1990, I was still telling student employees at LOTS that they ought
to learn COBOL and JCL (MVS and DOS/VSE) as well as the cool languages.  That
way they were always assured of finding work while they looked for a job.  I
don't think any of them believed me...

I learned FORTRAN IV (1401) and PL/1 and COBOL (360/40 under DOS) my last
semester of high school, then picked up 360 Assembler as well as improving all
three over the following summer.  I only used Fortran in anger for a short
while in the late 1990s, but I made good money with COBOL and PL/1 through
college, grad school, and for a while beyond, until I moved into systems
programming (SVS/MVS and TOPS-20).  In the mean time, I wrote a Pascal compiler
for the DEC-20, and began my lifelong love affair with Lisp.

My *only* forays into BASIC were to read the Tiny Pascal compiler articles in
BYTE, and the source for the Star Trek game that ran under Wylbur on the
UChicago Wylbur system.

I don't think COBOL has hurt me at all.  In fact, I considered brushing it off
before I landed the current position, and I've had occasion to write some for
real production use at the museum.


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