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Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Wed Feb 18 10:10:24 CST 2015

Hi Jay,

> 4) I'd love to know how you're getting cctech traffic, since I just checked
> and you are most definitely not subscribed to that list. Perhaps you are
> referring to cctech posts that are gated to cctalk and the headers reflect
> that? It's valid list traffic.

I investigated a similar issue with my subscription and posted on the list
about it in November last.

The short summary is as follows:

Before the big event, I was subscribed to cctech only.  After the big event, I
remained subscribed to cctech only but received two copies of nearly everything,
one with:

Return-path: <cctech-bounces at>

and one with:

Return-path: <cctalk-bounces at>

I tried unsubscribing from cctalk.  I couldn't because I wasn't subscribed.
I eventually unsubscribed from cctech and subscribed to cctalk.  I found I
was getting almost no duplicates after that.  The off-topic stuff wasn't a
problem because very little off-topic stuff was being posted.

However, the number of duplicates has increased recently.  I suspect that I
am getting one copy of mails posted to cctalk and two copies of mails posted
to cctech, the opposite situation of when I was on cctech.  Back in November,
very few postings were going to cctech so being subscribed to cctalk seemed
to be the best option at that time.

Peter Coghlan.

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