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Wed Feb 18 10:47:49 CST 2015

> 4) I'd love to know how you're getting cctech traffic, since I just
> checked and you are most definitely not subscribed to that list.
> Perhaps you are referring to cctech posts that are gated to cctalk
> and the headers reflect that?  It's valid list traffic.

I don't know about the OP, but I've been getting duplicates of some
mail.  (Curiously, according to the Delivered-To: headers, both copies
came through cctech, though the rest of the headers, like List-* and
X-BeenThere, show cctalk for one copy and cctech for the other.)

I once, back very soon after the list loss-and-recovery, tried to unsub
from cctech and the automated system told me I wasn't subscribed - but,
IIRC, it was using the envelope-from rather than the header-From: from
my mail, so I'm not sure I entirely trust it.

I just now put an example up on; see
/mouse/misc/classiccmp/msg-cctalk.txt and .../msg-cctech.txt for them.

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