Replacement for Google's broken Usenet group search

John Foust jfoust at
Thu Feb 19 10:22:22 CST 2015

At 07:03 PM 11/19/2013, Al Kossow wrote:
>They seem to have broken it sufficiently now that nothing is returned after the end of October. Is there anyone indexing Usenet that has a clue? It seems like all that is left is for-pay services for searching alt.binaries.

Is there some definitive web statement that explains the fate of
all the historical Usenet archives (once of Dejanews) that were 
once available under Google Groups?  Where did their archive go?

This is as close as I found:

I think it's worse than that...  Never mind the complex searches...
A search for words that I know were once there now returns nothing.

- John

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