Pascal not considered harmful - was Re: Rich kids are into COBOL

ben bfranchuk at
Thu Feb 19 14:57:52 CST 2015

On 2/19/2015 1:22 PM, Eric Smith wrote:

> Perhaps what you're questioning is inheritance, which is useful but
> isn't necessarily a required feature of objects. Inheritance is based
> on the idea that while two types aren't identical, they may have
> similarities. As a trivial example, integers and floats are different
> data types, but they both support arithmetic.

I think I am, but not math (where are the decimal libraries? Logic fuctions
for decimal machines) but more in the Graphic area. All bitmapped 
screens look the same but bigger, yet at the same time there is no 
standard to define a modern computer for I/O. Ben.

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