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>> On 02/20/2015 02:32 PM, Ali wrote:
>>> Excuse my ignorance but then how is a compiler written? I always
>>> thought that you would need to know op codes and assembler to write a
>> compiler. I.E.
>>> you can't write and efficient compiler by using a high level language.
> Almost all , so there exceptions,  modern compliers are written in a high
> level language. Most use LEXX and YACC or their modern equivalents to
> generate the program fragments needed to generate the code.

Uh... LEX and YACC are used for the frontend side. They do not have 
anything to do with code generation. :-)
Using LEX and YACC, you will still need to write the code that actually 
generates the output from the whole thing. LEX and YACC essentially 
implements the parsing of the source code for you.


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