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> On 2015-02-21 01:44, ben wrote:

>> How do handle byte operations in C like *x++ on a PDP 10?

> Do you need information on how byte operations and byte pointers work on 
> a PDP-10?

> KCC, which is the one C compiler for the PDP-10 I sortof know something 
> about, use 9 bit chars, and of course you then get four bytes to a word. 
> Not sure what in your question is hard to see how it is done.

Are you even certain that it is a byte operation???  All I see is an increment
of an object in memory pointed to by the variable "x".

Now, had we been told what the declaration of "x" is, the question would be
more meaningful, but if it's something less than word sized, then the byte
manipulation instructions would work just fine.

I don't see a problem, and think that this is a pretty weak straw man.


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