IBM-11 Card Punch

Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at
Sat Feb 21 04:14:06 CST 2015

That's nice. Seems real familiar even though after university I seldom used
one. My cards were usually punched for me from a coding sheet...
... but I did use a hand punch as you say for quick corrections. There must
have been so many of the 029  made, yet so few survive...

The room where these tqo are, I am sure hel about a dozen...


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> Great work and cute card punch! Some similarly gifted folks at CHM are
> rebuilding an IBM 01 right now, and it's equally cute and minimalist and
> proof. They tell me it's how you'd re-punch a bad card in a hurry in the
> of a jammed job.
> I can't resist a shameless plug at my own 029 restoration. Machine
> and hauling back from Kansas to California courtesy of Carl Claunch, who
> been busy since getting the IBM 1130 (and own 029) he brought back into
> action. But this extra 029 gave me a satisfying, if modest, first electro-
> mechanical restoration project, from nothing working at all to full up.
> 3lMXsqV
> Marc
> On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 6:10 AM, Dave G4UGM <dave.g4ugm at>
> wrote:
> > Folks,
> > Some time ago I bought an IBM Model-11 electro-mechanical punch on E-
> Bay.
> > It
> > was in a bit of a mess as someone had partially dismantled it and not
> > re-assembled it properly. It was also missing a couple of the
> > operating buttons. I have had some replacement parts made, and
> > re-assembled it properly. It now works reasonably well. I have made a
> > short video of it operating here:-
> >
> > Hope you enjoy this.
> > Dave Wade
> > G4UGM

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