Anyone need spare 11/05 - 11/10 keys?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Feb 21 07:10:23 CST 2015

    > I'm about to go back for two more: does anyone else need one/any? If
    > so, please let me know 
    > ...
    > does anyone know for sure if all 11/05's and 11/10's use the same key?
    > (This is a standard, flat 'Yale'-type key, not the cylindrical key used
    > in the 11/45's, etc.)

So it seems that they all do use the same key; some test units I sent to one
person worked fine in their machine too.

I have just sent email to everyone who responded about wanting keys; if you
wanted keys, and did _not_ get that email from me, please email me now so I
can add you to the list. Or, if you didn't reply before, and have decided you
do in fact want some - they will be about $1.50 per key, plus postage - let
me know. (Although I will likely be able to get these keys made for the
indefinite future, so it's not 'now or never'.)


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