RA81 removal

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Feb 22 11:36:28 CST 2015

>From a while back:

    > From: Noel Chiappa

    > What's odd is that RL0x's use almost identical (maybe they are
    > identical) slides

So I recently happened to be doing some stuff in the basement, and I compared
the DEC part numbers on the RA81 slides and some RL02 slides I have, and
... they are indeed the same part number!

    > but on the RLOx's, there _is_ (I think) a way to take the drive out
    > without undoing screws; there's a little latch at the very front of the
    > slide, and it looks like if one trips that latch, the rail along the
    > side of the drive case will slide out out of the slides.

I have yet to try this and see if the RL0x's will in fact slide out - does
anyone happen to know if RL0x's can be slid out?

    > I wonder why they didn't do that on the RA8x's as well? Maybe because
    > those weigh so much more?

Definitely a possibility, given that they are in fact the same slides.


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