3.5" floppy failure mode? Hub not attched to media.

John Foust jfoust at threedee.com
Fri Feb 27 08:17:53 CST 2015

At 06:45 PM 2/26/2015, you wrote:
>I've got some 3.5" "trash can disks".  I man give it a try to see if it can work.  Are you confronted with a particular brand?

Can't tell.  So far they're all unmarked.  

You're not concerned about the tolerance and re-centering issues?
You think the cookie will fit back on the hub precisely enough
that it'll be aligned with where tracks were before?

For some crazy packrat reason, I too also have a couple hundred
Amiga-era floppies that failed in duplication at my software business.  
Maybe I was looking for a brand-related failure pattern back then, too.

- John

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