Rich kids are into COBOL

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Feb 27 15:57:58 CST 2015

On 02/27/2015 01:18 PM, Johnny Billquist wrote:

> No, C was developed for/on the PDP-11. Unix was originally implemented  was then ported to the
> PDP-11, and then rewritten in C.

Although ++ and -- were convenient for code writers, they did lead to 
some "it depends" implementation details WRT function calls.  I assume 
that ANSI C has straightened that all out, but I still avoid that type 
of thing by habit.

Digressing a bit, I recall talking with a fellow from Xerox on Coyote 
Hill Rd. (not Xerox PARC) back in the early 80s and being surprised that 
he said they coded in B.  Was this the same B developed on the PDP-7? 
Or was it some other beast?


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