Rich kids are into COBOL

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> > (about B and C)
> > Its history is deeper than that. Its part of a family of bracketed languages
> that started with BCPL which became "B" and then "C".
> > BCPL was written for the IBM7090.
> I think you are mistaken about this - BCPL was an implementation language
> for CPL mainly on the Atlas computers.
> It was originated by Martin Richards - who is still a supporter – see

And of course the 1967 BCPL manual for BCPL is on Dennis Ritchie's "in memoriam" home page...

which in many ways explains why BCPL was such an influence on K&R when they invented "B" and "C". I hadn't realized that Martin had worked at MIT or that BCPL was used there. I had assumed it was an "obscure" Cambridge thing. Apparently not...

Dave Wade
Still looking for any remnants of a "B" compiler ....

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