3.5" floppy failure mode? Hub not attched to media.

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Sat Feb 28 18:29:40 CST 2015

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> I've got several Drivetek drives, including the 
> later Kodak versions, and I can't ever recall 
> seeing the "flag" on the fine positioner move 
> once the drive was on-track.  So, while it may 
> have been possible to compensate for 
> eccentricity, I'm not aware that it was done.
> Since neither you nor I are willing to spend the 
> time to investigate real-world samples, I think 
> the discussion is academic at best.
> --Chuck

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Well, it could be that all your disks were 
perfectly centered or it was such a small and/or 
quick adjustment that it wouldn't be easily 
visible; on the other hand, just because it was 
possible and patented doesn't mean that it was 
actually implemented in that way or even proved 
necessary in real world use.

As you say, unless someone spends the time to 
scope the fine stepper on a purposely 
'eccentrified' diskette it's an academic 
discussion, but an interesting read all the same. 


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