8" drive advice...

Nico de Jong nico at farumdata.dk
Sun Jan 4 10:05:19 CST 2015

>I need to connect an external 8" floppy drive to the FDADAP card.
> I've found two drives: NEC FD1165A and Shugart SA851. I have to buy ine
> of them.
> I'm about to choose the NEC one, since it doesn't need an AC power
> source.
> The Shugart SA851 is targeted 115 VAC, and I live in Europe.
> Beside power supply questions, are there other reasons why I should
> choose the Shugart? Hard sectored disk support? I only have to
> read/write IBM S/36 and 5120 floppy disks...

I have used the FD1165A for many years in many systems, and have never 
experienced problems with the drive.
My experience with Shugart is very limited, I only have a SA800 in a 
specialized system.
The 1165A does not need AC power, so that would be a good advantage.

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