Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000

tony duell ard at
Sun Jan 11 13:34:51 CST 2015

> > we're all doing a service
> > to posterity by warehousing this stuff
> No, you're not. You're being chumps.

I disagree. I enjoy repairing, investigating and running 
classic computers, and that has to be a good reason for
owning them. It's no more (or less) pointless than many
other hobbies.

> Museums aren't going to want it, and your family will take it

And I specifically do not want any part of my collection even to 
be offered to a museum

> to the dump when you croak.

That is what a will is for (and in my case, not having any close 
family it's pretty much essential). You name somebody (having
given them warning of what to expect) who will know what to
do with the machines, etc, and will appreciate them.

And yes, I have made a will.


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