Restoration technique [Was: Re: Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000]

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Mon Jan 12 07:00:23 CST 2015

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> Onderwerp: Restoration technique [Was: Re: Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000]
> On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 06:01:49PM -0800, Al Kossow wrote:
> >
> > So, no, there is very little in common with the base of people
> > collecting cars and computers and there will never be a popular
> > movement to preserve them other that as a platform for playing games.
> >
> Not popular or widespread perhaps, but globally there are quite a number
> people who wouldn't mind sinking their teeth in restoring a rare
> What I find bothersome is that the techniques for doing so isn't easy to
> There are only a few with Tonys skill level and even fewer who cares about
> electronics and yet fewer who document their knowledge, tools and tricks.
> From time to time I see young people (18 or so) enter the classic compuer
> hobby) but they have an uphill battle getting into the restoration part.
> There seems to be lots and lots of books for restoring old cars and
> Where are those books for computers?
> Tony, when will you write one?
> /P

He did wrote a lot of articles about fixing old HP equipment.
But you have to be a member of the HPCC to read them.
So don't hesitate and become a member..


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