Some Bugs in RT-11

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Mon Jan 12 20:50:00 CST 2015

While this post is specifically for Tim Shoppa (as the only
person that I can think of who can answer), if anyone else
has the background, please reply.

I believe that I have found a rather inconvenient bug in
SDHX.SYS from version Y01.16 (from V05.06 of
RT-11) that can cause RT-11 to crash.  If I am not
mistaken, the same bug is also present in the previous
version V01.00 of SDHX.SYS from V05.05 of
RT-11.  Unfortunately, the bug can cause RT-11
to crash

There also seems to be another bug which results in the
extended memory status being displayed incorrectly,
but otherwise does not cause an actual problem.

I realize that RT-11 is rarely used these days and that
SDHX.SYS is used even less frequently, but I suggest
that these errors really need to be fixed.  I would
appreciate any suggestions as to how to proceed.

Jerome Fine

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