Restoration technique [Was: Re: Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000]

Sean Caron scaron at
Wed Jan 14 13:37:24 CST 2015

Oh, yeah, good point; we can just piggyback off of * I work
with MediaWiki all the time at the office... I'll try to sit down when I
get home tonight and spin up a little virtual host for it. Ask and you
shall receive :)



On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 2:33 PM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at>

>     > From: Sean Caron
>     > This, too, is something I'd be willing potentially to host gratis,
>     > given the same caveats that I offered Alexandre...
> Please do! I will volunteer to start contributing content as soon as it's
> up.
>     > not totally a commercial datacenter in terms of available bandwidth
> I can't imagine a wiki on the topic of classic computers would draw _that_
> much traffic? :-)
>     > I wouldn't have a problem supporting Mediawiki or common back-end
>     > technologies in general i.e. PHP, MySQL...
> Please get yourself totally up to speed to run a wiki, then! :-)
>     > I can host DNS if someone wanted to get a domain name for it...
> Why do we need a new domain name? Why not call it ""?
> Pick
> out one of your statics, let Jay know it, and if he can update the DNS
> config
> file for the zone we're done!
>         Noel

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