Paper tape standard

tony duell ard at
Fri Jan 16 14:09:32 CST 2015

>     OBA! I'm crazy for creating a paper reader/perfurator! :D This is an old
> dream of mine, although I have no specific computers who use it, nor any
> specimen of perfored tape around. But I find it to be just beautiful :)

The reader is relatively easy to make at home, at least if you are happy with a 
photoelectric one. If you trigger off the feed holes, you don't need a sprocket
drive, a capstan and pnch roller is fine. This is the sort of thing you can make 
in a good home workshop.

The punch is a lot harder. Making the punch pins and die block, and then
correctly grinding and hardening the former is not going to be easy. 
Mechanically the rest may not look too hard (the Facit 4070 used a set 
of rotary solenoids and linkages, one per pin), but it is still a major 


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