MEM11 Status Update

Jay West jwest at
Tue Jan 20 10:03:10 CST 2015

My hope is to drop one of these boards in my 11/45. The only issue is I'm
afraid even though it will give the /45 maximum memory (as I understand it,
Guys board includes the MMU) that it won't be enough to run my favored OS on
that platform which is RT-11 (for about 10 seconds, yes, I know that will
fit) and then TSX+ v5x (which I'm not sure will fit).

I think the minimum memory for TSX+ is 256kb... but that's the minimum and I
think Guys board would take the /45 to 128kw (256kb). Anyone know for sure
if TSX+ will run on a /45 with 128kw?

I think I have too many pdp11 racks and it could be time to thin the herd
before too long. Or maybe I just need to get more space. Yah, that's the


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