Maxtor XT-2190

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Jan 21 12:58:21 CST 2015

On 1/21/15 10:01 AM, Shoppa, Tim wrote:

> My belief (perhaps unfounded) always was that when a XT2190 begins emitting "squeals and beeps" it is because the MFM interface has asserted "recovery mode" and it is microstepping.
> Are the squeals and beeps from the head positioner

The patent I pointed to talks about their track positioning algorithm. I think what you're hearing is the voice coil
acceleration ramps reflected in the mechanics of the arm. I tried powering up the $10 as-is 2190 I bought. The positioner
is trying to move but it sure doesn't sound healthy.

I re-read the OEM manual and there is no "recovery mode" pin on
the edge connector. Pin 16 of the 34 pin connector is jumpered to pin 7 of the 20 pin connector to provide an indication
that both cables are plugged into the drive.

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