Atari 800XL RF cable (and I/O cable availability?)

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Thu Jan 22 20:09:10 CST 2015

> Yes, I think it will possibly work with my Commodore 1702, but I'm not 
> sure if I have a suitable spare connector in the junk pile at the moment - 
> plus it feels a bit weird using a Commodore display with an Atari :-)

    If it works, you're lucky (and use it)! :D

>>     Mostly impossible to find the connectors alone.
> Yeah, I figured it would be! If finding the genuine cables turns into a 
> big deal, I suppose I could run some 13-way IDC cable out of the 
> system/drive/850 cases and use DA15 connectors (there's enough clearance 
> around the existing connectors to do so without harming anything), but it 
> would be nice to find at least one real cable first and verify that my 
> drives work.

    That is what I do here. I cut the SIO cable in half and use DA15 
connectors to connect to a SIO2SD (or other devices, but hardly someone uses 
anything beyond a SIO2SD in Brazil.

> ;-)  I like using real floppies for as long as I can, though!  One of the 
> 1050 drives has some kind of speed-doubler widget fitted internally, so 
> although I heard that the drives can be slow, that one might not be too 
> bad.

    Well, some people pay to suffer :oD Kidding aside, it is great to use 
disks! But in Brazil, 5 1/4 disks are rare and expensive now. I still use 
them, but only in my Apple II :)

    And if someday you will to leave your 850 unit know a (too much) sunny 
place called Brazil, let me know :D 

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