Sugru (moldable rubber) for ???

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Mon Jan 26 01:48:13 CST 2015

On 25 January 2015 at 00:04, John Foust <jfoust at> wrote:
> I haven't ever played with official Sugru, but how does it differ
> from ordinary relatively inexpensive Shoe Goo?  Is Sugru like
> slightly dried-out Shoe Goo?  I find that a tube of Shoe Goo
> dries out a bit after a few years and becomes a more easily worked
> substance.

I've never heard of this Shoe Goo stuff before, so I can't comment on
a direct comparison.

I've used a differently-branded Sugru alternative, though. It's not an
adhesive and it's not sticky. It's like Plasticine or other modelling
clay -- a smooth, non-tacky, very viscous colloidal gel, which can be
moulded and shaped. It only adheres to things by virtue of being
moulded onto and around them; if you need to, say, stick it to a flat
surface, you'd have to glue it on.

But when it sets, it goes hard - like a hard rubber. You can make a
small mark with a fingernail but this will eventually smooth out. It's
no more pliable than a piece of truck tyre when cured.

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