3D Printing WAS: RE: Sugru (moldable rubber) for ???

Ali cctalk at fahimi.net
Mon Jan 26 14:16:47 CST 2015

> Hey that is a good idea :)   Man these 3d printers are so awesome!
> Its getting to the point where, one could 3d print anything.

Yes, 3D printers are very cool especially with this hobby. The problem, at
least for someone like me, is that I can't design the items that need to be
printed. For example, the capstan would be about as far as I could go
assuming I had measurements from a "good one" since it is just a cylinder.
What would be needed is an easy to use/store/search file format and database
where people with talent could put in the "parts" you could print at home or
local store. Of course then you have to worry about copyright infringement.


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