SIMH DG Nova and real serial port

jwsmobile jws at
Sat Jan 31 05:39:47 CST 2015

On 1/31/2015 2:56 AM, shadoooo wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm developing a system similar to VTserver for PDP11, but for DG Nova 
> machines.
> The system uses a serial console connection and a Python back-end on 
> the PC.
> Now I need to debug the binary code developed for the Nova, but I have 
> to do it on
> an emulated machine on a PC.
> In other words, I would need to use SIMH connected to a real serial 
> port: is it possible?
> Thanks
> Andrea
If you get the patch to work with SIMH to a tty port, Vmware ESXI server 
supports connecting the emulated serial ports of two virtual machines 

What I have rigged for many test setups if one machine running the 
simulation out to what is a serial port on the emulated guest. Usually 
use linux, as it is easier to see the real status of the serial ports 
with Linux.

I then run the other guest with one of its serial ports connected to the 
first guest's serial port.

i usually use a copy of a system called Pick which has serial ports for 
expansion.  It runs as one guest on the vmesxi system.  It can support 2 
serial ports, connected to another machine.

I then have a copy of linux running in another guest.  I can use minicom 
to connect to the Pick system remotely, since Pick only supports 
connectivity via the console / keyboard and serial, no network stack.

Hope this might help.  You won't have to experiment or debug on any 
vintage hardware till you have it working on SIMH.


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