Bruker Aspect 2000 tapes

dwight dkelvey at
Wed Jul 1 00:23:40 CDT 2015

> From: hilpert at
> On 2015-Jun-30, at 5:22 PM, dwight wrote:
> > Hi All
> > I have a number of tapes for the Bruker  Aspect 2000.
> > These are paper tapes. All looking for a good home.
> > I'd like these to go to someone with one of these computers.
> > It looks like it included the OS. These are paper tape, not mag tape.
> > Free Plus shipping.
> Is that the CPU that went with their NMR systems from the 70s?
> A few years ago I examined the RF exciter portion of a Bruker NMR that had been dismantled and sold off as surplus.
> Wish I knew what happened to the CPU/processing portion, but it had already been separated by the time I was involved.
> Something I could wish to find/stumble-across would be one of the out-of-the-mainstream minis from the 60s/70s - something not DEC, not HP, not IBM, not DG (although a little Nova would be nice). Not likely these days as they were produced in relatively scant numbers. I Believe these were made in the middle to late 70's. I understand they were24 bit. They were probably TTL.Bruker used Nicolet computers until they build their own. They made both the 2000and the 3000. That is about all I know about them.They were designed in Germany.Dwight

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