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Jay West jwest at
Wed Jul 1 13:48:08 CDT 2015

Some have asked if I'm just posting gear from ads I see online in my
"equipment available" deals. The answer is no; I very frequently get
individuals emailing me directly about systems they want to dispose of, so
unless I was blind-CC'd, these equipment available deals are generally not
known elsewhere (not ebay, craigslist, etc.). When I pass these deals on to
someone, I don't ask anything in return. Just want to see the gear saved by
an interested party. 


So. a new email just crossed my desk for HP fans.


A service company is wanting to divest (ie. $ell) their legacy HP inventory
consisting of..


.         (3) HP1000 A900 2199E chassis.

.         (41) A900, (12) A990, and (12) E-Series PCB boards such as
sequencer, memory controller and memory, data path, cache controller,
interface boards (Mux, HPIB, Serial, 802.3 LAN).

.         Tape Drives (7979 and 7980).

.         Terminals (2392A, 700/94).

.         Disk Drives (7937XP, C2203, 670XP).


I have no interest in A series machines myself. I always have an interest in
spare E-series boards, so that part of it I may pursue. If anyone is
interested in the rest, please contact me off-list and I'll put you directly
in touch with the seller/owner. For fans of the 1000 21MX M/E/F, please note
that the A-series are fairly "different" machines and not interchangeable
with M/E/F boxes.





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