seeking advice on moving PDP 11 and related gear

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Thu Jul 2 08:33:13 CDT 2015

> On Jul 2, 2015, at 7:48 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at> wrote:
>> From: devin davison
>> any precautions I can take to make sure this all gets back in one
>> piece? Especially in relation to the RL drives
> Other people have covered most of this; my additional advice is to download
> the RL01/RL02 manual, and read it thoroughly. It covers the process on how to
> open an un-powered RL0x drive (it's not obvious/trivial), and how to lock the
> heads for moving the drive.
>> From: Jerome H. Fine
>> make sure that a fast (emergency?) stop does not shift the load. 
> True; stack all the stuff along the front wall of the truck enclosure, and
> use shipping straps, etc, liberally.
>    Noel

has illustrations and instructions on how to unlock the head positioner.

EK-TSV05-IN-001_TSV05_Installation_Guide_Sep82.pdf shows how a TS05 
tape drive may be access to pad the motors and other bits (if that is what you have).

If you leave the large bits in the rack, don’t trust the normal slide latches to 
secure them.  I  would separately  bolt the 11/34  and RL drives chassis
to the rack (from the back) or place a retaining straps around things to
minimize vibration or chance the unit will start to slide.

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