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Thu Jul 2 08:47:38 CDT 2015

2015-07-02 7:31 GMT+02:00 tony duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk>:

> Not all minis came from the States :-)

That's right. There were one odd swedish mini as well.

Datasaab manufactured a line of minis called D5 in the early seventies. The
D5/10, D5/20 and D5/30. 16 bits.
They were used among others in banks for controlling terminals.
The D5/20 apparently had 64 by 24 bit microcode, used serial arithmetic and
the memory cycle was 1.33 us
http://www.datasaab.se/Aktuellt/IT_ceum/D520_FUB.pdf (in Swedish)


> One of my favourite non-mainstream families is the Philips P800 series.
> It's
> a 16 bit machine with 16 registers (0 is the program counter and 15
> is the stack pointer, rest are mostly general purpose) and separate
> I/O instructions (not memory-mapped I/O). There were several models
> with various implementations of the architecture, including
> P850 (TTL, hardwired not microcoded)
> P855, P852, P856, P857, P860 (TTL, microcoded)
> P851 (Custom bitslice ICs, microcoded)
> P854 (AM2900 bitslice, microcoded)
> P853 I think (Single chip)
> No, I don't have all of those...
> -tony

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