How many use old browsers (e.g. =< Netscape 4 or IE 6) as their ONLY sour...

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Thu Jul 2 20:07:18 CDT 2015

> It's more important in this day and age to keep up with the web
> publishing standards than maintain backward compatibility.

Depends on what you're aiming for.  Not everyone cares about making the
latest glitz available even to those who can display it.

> Google penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly in their
> rankings.  If you can't be found, what's the point?

Well, what's the point of putting something up on the Web at all?

Speaking personally (as someone who exports a little stuff as Web pages
and doesn't give a damn about Google's rankings), to make it available.
I've mentioned it a few times (on mailing lists and in person) and a
handful of people have been paying attention according to my logs;
that's enough for me.

Of course, if you've bought into the modern "the whole point of the Web
is to get paid for ad clickthroughs" paradigm, then you're right, there
is little point.  (And, again speaking personally, anyone who feels
that way I am not only willing but _happy_ to write off.)

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