How many use old browsers (e.g. =< Netscape 4 or IE 6) as their ONLY source of web content?

william degnan billdegnan at
Fri Jul 3 07:30:59 CDT 2015

Here is a simple example that replaces tables with div tags.  I am in the
process of migrating this site to html5


On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 1:00 AM, Terry Stewart <terry at>

> Thanks for all those replies, and feedback on what the test page looked
> like on various devices.  Much appreciated.
> I see there are various views as expected. I guess it depends on what I
> want the website to do in the end.  One of the reasons I'm doing this is
> more to make sure the pages are ok for mobile. A lot of people now use a
> mobile platform for their leisure browsing. On average 25% of the people
> looking at the site are now on a mobile platform.
> However, I also want it to be nicely formatted, although somewhat
> minimalist and clean. I also want it to be easy to maintain. I'm not
> interested in people seeing ads (if fact those google ads on the site at
> the moment are going to disappear) or whiz-bang things.  I'd like to think
> the site might inspire people into the hobby, or get them interested in the
> history of personal computing, somehow. Especially younger people, or
> people in their 30s-40s who weren't necessarily there in the day,,,or were
> very young.  This is why I'd like google search to index them well.  So
> people can find them.
> The site doesn't offer a lot of resources in the sense of downloads to the
> community..the exception being the System 80 sub-section and NZ Bits and
> Bytes downloads (which is mirrored on anyway).  At the moment
> the System 80 site might stay as is.  It's a complex site and will probably
> be the last piece I tackle.
> >It is quite easy with html 5 and css3, the modern tools of the web
> >designer, to detect when a  lynx browser is being used to access the page
> >and in response present a text version of the site.
> >best of both worlds
> Bill, can you point me to a site which covers this?  What I don't want to
> do though is to duplicate the site, but if something can strip out
> everything except text, images and links on the fly if it detects a
> non-compliant (old) browser, it might be worth looking at.
> >Oh, I know it can be done. It's not a /technical/ problem :-)
> Yes.  It's an "is the effort worth it" for those hardy few kind of
> question.
> Terry (Tez)

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