AMT DAP 500/600 software available

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Fri Jul 3 19:05:37 CDT 2015

Hi all --

Last December I picked up an AMT DAP 600 (64x64 distributed array 
processor) which came with a set of manuals and QIC tapes; the manuals 
are on Bitsavers, the tapes were just recently (carefully) recovered by 
Bear and I thought I'd make them available in case anyone out there has 
a DAP 500 or 600 and is looking for software, since this seems to be 
pretty hard to come by.

The archive is at:

(I'll be forwarding this on to Al as well so that it might someday make 
it onto Bitsavers).

Tapes 1 and 2 are the vital ones, these include the Sun-based host 
software (SCSI driver, host diagnostics and tools, assemblers and 
FORTRAN-PLUS compiler).  The rest are additional libraries (Image 
Processing, DSP, etc) and a few backup tapes with what look like 
interesting demos (I haven't tried them yet).

In other news, thanks to Bear's efforts my DAP 600 is now running 
nicely, if you want to see a (crummy cellphone) video of it rendering 
the Mandelbrot set, check this out:


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